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About Delta Healthcare Providers

Since 1987, our team has helped people recover from automobile accidents and other personal injuries across Gardena and Los Angeles. Delta Healthcare Providers is meant to make it easy and comfortable for patients to recover through gentle chiropractic techniques and simple advice for mental, emotional, and physical health.

Our over three decades of experience speaks for itself, as we are the first call for many attorneys in Gardena and Los Angeles who have a client dealing with pain following a car accident or similar event. We have helped bodybuilders, marathon runners, and many more return to the activities they love and maintain health long-term.

We treat patients suffering from car accident and work related injuries. We also treat professional athletes, the elderly, small children, and everyone in between. We have thorough knowledge of the many different types of acute injuries as well as how to treat them quickly and effectively.

A Place to Reclaim Your Peace

While pain reduction is the goal in all our care, our team wants to provide much more than physical relief. Personal injuries can be a shock, so our office atmosphere is meant to encourage patients to reclaim their peace from tragedy and chaos.

Visitors will notice from the moment they walk in that our team is an extremely happy and caring group. We laugh, smile, and show our concern for each individual through listening and providing clear guidance on how to reduce a patient’s pain.

We have friendly, competent, and caring staff members fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, Farsi, and Armenian. It is with great pleasure that we use our experience and qualifications to meet your client’s needs.

Attending to What’s Important

After a traumatic injury, our first priority is to get patients back to full health. No matter what condition a patient is in, significant help and healing for musculoskeletal issues is possible through the expert care and advice of our doctors.

Some of our favorite cases over the past several decades have been the most challenging. If a patient just sustained injuries in a car crash or is tired of taking pills to numb pain, our doctors can get the results patients need with hands-on, drug-free care for back, neck, and extremity pain.

Start With an Attorney Referral

A lot has changed since 1987. But our commitment to helping people recover their health has not. Attorneys trust our providers and refer new patients to one of our Gardena and Los Angeles office locations.

Same day appointments. One week final report turnaround time.

About Delta Healthcare Providers | (310) 771-8200