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New Patients at Delta Healthcare Providers

Patient consultation

At Delta Healthcare Providers, we speak English, Spanish, Korean, Farsi, and Armenian.

When an attorney refers their client to our practice, our team is ready to welcome them in with a straightforward onboarding process that makes for an easy experience.

Almost everything is taken care of during one initial visit that takes about one hour. The patient will want to wear an outfit that makes it easy to move around in, as we may need them to lay down their back, move their leg up and down, or make some other simple movements.

The most important part of the first meeting is our doctor, and the patient will have a discussion that will lead to answers to these simple questions:

  • Where is there discomfort in the body?
  • What is the cause of the discomfort?
  • How can the discomfort be safely reduced?

We determine the last question once we perceive the extent and cause of the pain the patient faces.

Back adjustment

Before and After Visit No. 1

Prior to the initial visit, there is some easy-to-fill-in paperwork that our office sends, asking for information like the patient’s address, contact information, and medical history.

Following the first visit, patients may be referred to a nearby office for X-rays. On the second visit at our office, the patient usually goes over a report of findings and gets their first adjustment.

Come with Purpose and Ease

Attorneys across Gardena and Los Angeles know that we help people return to their daily routine with effective care as an experienced team of professionals. We get people in right away, offering same-day appointments as timing allows.

Each of our locations has plenty of free or designated parking spots, making it easy for patients to drive in and out for their appointment.

How People Get Started

We only receive new patients through referrals, so if you have been in a car accident or sustained a personal injury, talk to your attorney to see if a visit to our team is the next right step for you.

Same day appointments. One week final report turnaround time.

New Patients at Delta Healthcare Providers | (310) 771-8200