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Chiropractic Care

At Delta Healthcare Providers, we understand that there are some common ingredients to optimal health: Physical exercise, consistent and plentiful sleep, nutritious diet, and positive mental attitude.

As healthcare professionals with over 35 years of experience, our doctors would add one more vital aspect: a high-functioning nervous system, achieved through spinal alignment and effective chiropractic care. We offer the following services in addition to chiropractic care.


Restoring Alignment

The nervous system controls the functioning of muscles and organs throughout the body. Any interference here can negatively alter how the body can move and operate.

Chiropractors can restore and maintain nervous system health by making sure the spine is properly aligned. When the spine is working and each organ has access to an adequate blood supply, the body is capable of self-healing.

Adjusting room

What’s the Process? 3 Simple Steps

We have simplified chiropractic care for our patients into three phases:

  1. Eliminate: The focus when patients come in is to eliminate the symptoms they are experiencing. Our doctors locate the area causing pain or discomfort, and then we start healing from the root cause.
  2. Correct: Our team works to permanently correct the misalignments in the spine through gentle adjustments and specific exercises that strengthen critical muscle groups to help hold adjustments.
  3. Maintain: Once the body is in alignment and working properly, our doctor moves people into the maintenance phase of care, where they will come in once every 30 to 60 days to maintain optimal spinal health.

Experiencing an Adjustment

The most popular adjustment technique we use is Diversified. Our doctors will manually find misalignments and back spasms, and with their hands apply slight pressure in the right direction, slowly moving the spine into the correct place.

It may take multiple adjustments to get the spine realigned and stay there. Physical therapy is a good tool to help speed up this process.

How People Get Started

We receive new patients only through referrals. If you recently sustained a personal injury, talk to your attorney to see if a visit to Delta Healthcare Providers is right for you. Locations in Gardena and Los Angeles.

Same day appointments. One week final report turnaround time.

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