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Woman doing physiotherapy with knee

Physiotherapy at
Delta Healthcare Providers

To help patients return to sound physical condition after a personal injury, Delta Healthcare Providers offers physiotherapy to go in conjunction with their chiropractic adjustments. While adjustments align the spine and joints, a patient may add physiotherapy to speed up recovery by strengthening and improving the functionality of muscles.

Physiotherapy is also helpful in pain management, sports performance, and general body functionality and mobility.

A Gradual Ascent

When a patient first arrives in the aftermath of a personal injury, the first priority is pain reduction. At this beginning stage, light, passive exercises may be introduced, such as stretching. As discomfort is diminished, more exercises come into play, including ones that require more significant involvement and activity.

Exercise equipment is available at our office locations in Gardena and Los Angeles, but almost every stretch or activity we assign to patients is simple enough to do in the comfort of their own home.

The key is consistency in visits and exercise, as patients who see us frequently-especially in the beginning of care-and do exercises regularly are better positioned to recover quickly and maintain their optimal health.

Man holding weight

Many Paths to Choose From

Our offices employ experienced healthcare professionals who offer different techniques to serve each patient’s unique needs. We have helped individuals in all stages of life recover from tragedy, receive pain relief, and maintain a healthy life.

In physiotherapy, our team uses ultrasound machines, rehabilitation exercises, spinal tractioning, and more to help our patients. For those dealing with shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle injuries, extremity adjustments are an option we offer.

Taking Next Steps

Those referred to our office by an attorney are welcomed in through a new patient process that includes only one simple form, with medical history and information like name and address. After that, we help patients handle all paperwork in-office, as we provide expertise and guidance on what needs to be filled out.

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