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Meet Dr. Farhad Nazemi

Dr. Farhad MazemiAfter Dr. Farhad Nazemi experienced the power and relief of chiropractic adjustments, he made some personal adjustments to his life that set him on a totally new path—one that would fulfill him beyond imagination.

Dr. Nazemi had no idea about the field of chiropractic care growing up. Already an adult and studying to become a dentist, he was finally introduced to chiropractic care when he got help for lower back discomfort he was experiencing. The pain relief was so great, Dr. Nazemi decided to change his career course and help others in the same way he had been helped.

Helping others get well through chiropractic care has continued to motivate Dr. Nazemi for over 35 years now, as he has connected with countless patients and helped them recover from automobile accidents, get healed from chronic pain, and discover an overall higher quality of life.

The characteristics people notice most in Dr. Nazemi is that he is a good listener and he cares deeply for each individual he meets. He makes each person and their pain seem important, while providing hope that people can be relieved from their pain as he was.

Education Then and Now

Dr. Nazemi graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 1986. He stays in touch with many alumni who are his peers and old friends, as they share personal updates in addition to ideas on new chiropractic techniques and care.

With a great personal interest in sports, particularly golf, Dr. Nazemi got additional training that has qualified him to diagnose and care for sports injuries.

Music and Family

When he is not at the office getting fulfilled in his work with patients, Dr. Nazemi is a skilled musician, with years of experience playing the piano and writing his own music.

His love for song is surpassed only by his love for his wife. The two live in Gardena, near Dr. Nazemi’s parents.

Meet Dr. Nazemi

Attorneys across Gardena trust and know Dr. Nazemi. Those referred by an attorney will meet Dr. Nazemi as they are welcomed in through the Delta Healthcare Providers new patient process. Contact us today!

Dr. Farhad Nazemi | (310) 771-8200